The International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) is Asia’s premier league established to recognize outstanding primary to junior college students who have won Gold awards in Mathematics, Science, Computational Thinking, Informatics, Memory and Creative Learning Skills.

Students are exclusively invited by us to join this society to pursue excellence and we provide a suite of services to help them succeed. Once inducted, IJHS supported by IST and SIMCC will enhance their abilities in leadership, creativity, and character building through our Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) and community service activities.


To provide a multifaceted learning experience and environment to our students where they may foster growth in Leadership, Community Service, Character Building and Academic Excellence. Our exclusive resources will propel the students’ educational and personal skills to a higher level by:

  • Creating an exclusive academic environment to stimulate the students’ ability to preserve and upgrade their focus
  • Honing leadership qualities through consistent and diligent training from top professionals
  • Encouraging and advocating the immense value in serving your community Promoting a sense of oneness amongst peers to build character and enhance personal development.
  • Bestowing exclusive IJHS scholarships
  • Providing tools to help members succeed


As a distinct honorary society, we have certain requirements, which students have to meet in order to be inducted into IJHS.

  • Students must have received at least 2 Gold medals within previous year in our competitions (SASMO, VANDA, AJMC, SIMOC, IJMO etc.) to receive an invite. Students who have received 1 Gold medal and at least a Bronze medal in an International Competition (IJMO or SIMOC) will also be inducted into IJHS.
  • YALA scholarships will be awarded to the top 2 students per 1000 students enrolled the previous year from grades 6 to 11 who have won SIMCC/IST contests.  They will be trained as camp leaders for YALA.

Concentrate, Compete and Win to be an exclusive member at IJHS!

We are also excited to present to you the one of a kind YALA for your child!

YALA is an academic motivational camp for primary 4 to secondary 2 (Grades 4 t0 8) students specially designed to cater to top students in their pursuit to reach their highest academic goals, such as cracking the admission process to the top schools of the country.

We know that preparing your child for the admission process can be hectic and stressful, which is why we decided to help you and YOUR child with this fun and innovative academic camp.  Here, we will provide the following support:

  • Talks on how to research and then select their ideal schools and they will be able to meet these top students and teachers from their ideal schools to network and learn more about special requirements or required skills for selection.
  • Training in interview skills for school admissions processes.
  • Advice on preparing a strong portfolio for admissions.
  • Personal development training by top coaches for best habits of leaders.
  • Valuable mentoring on how to obtain good recommendation letters.