Acquire Skills, Recognition, and Scholarships for SUCCESS


Besides academic subject skills, we also focus on Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group, "global achievement gap," the must-have skills of the future.

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We provide a diverse range of innovative platforms for students and teachers to achieve lasting and scalable Recognition that will lead them to SUCCESS

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Endorse IJHS students' applications to Top institutions by writing recommendation letters. Provide scholarships and mentorship programs for students and teachers to uplift lives.

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Strengthening all students and teachers for life through participation in excellent, fair, safe, accessible and knowledge building academic competitions and assessments..


Acquire Skills, Recognition, and Scholarships for SUCCESS

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With Integrity we will:

1. Ensure respect for all individuals and communities by valuing others, treating them with dignity, and promoting ethical behaviour in all activities.

2. Provide a safe environment where participants pursue positive relationships and healthy activities.

3. Challenge all students and teachers to attain personal excellence through participation, competition, and teamwork.

4. Provide access to equitable, fair, and diverse activities.

5. Strengthen character, build confidence, and maximize potential through international academic and cultural contests. Provide leadership and university scholarships for IJHS scholars and professional development for teachers to maximise use of competitions and assessments to measure student learning and improve teaching.


Award(s) Won By Scholastic Trust Singapore Limited (STS):