IJHS is an honour society of success and leadership supported by the Scholastic Trust Singapore (STS), a non-profit foundation, as well as a prominent board of advisors.

IJHS’s goals are to:

  • Unlock the potential, talents, passions and interests of aspiring students;
  • Provide a platform for its members to give back to their local and global communities;
  • Pave the way for its members to gain entry into top schools and universities and qualify for scholarships.

For students to be inducted into IJHS, they must have received at least 3 significant awards within the previous year (from August 1 to July 31), which means:

  • At least a Gold award in local competitions such as SASMO, AMO, DOKA, Bebras, DrCT, SMKC, and / or VANDA
  • And / or at least a Silver individual award in global competitions such as SINGA Global Finals, SIMOC, and / or STEAM AHEAD
  • And / or High Distinction for ICAS such as English, Mathematics, Science, Writing and Digital Technologies. However, only one ICAS High Distinction award will be included as a significant award.

Membership is open to Grade 2 students and above, as well as teachers to help mentor our students.

IJHS is an honour society worth joining and supporting. Most IJHS members are multi-talented in different academic fields. We provide members with a variety of platforms and opportunities to unleash their potential and connect with their community.

Benefits as an IJHS member:

  • By adopting the philosophy of “Leaders Give, Givers Get”, IJHS offers many resources and leadership opportunities to assist its members in contributing back to their community.
  • Members can network and connect with a community of like-minded people, coming from all around the world!
  • Guide members to enter renowned universities or schools and help students qualify for scholarships.
  • Members are provided resources for internship opportunities where they can explore a variety of career options, while enhancing their leadership skills and potential.

Membership is open to all students from grades 2 and above. Teachers will also be invited to join as members to help mentor our students.

There are 3 levels of IJHS membership:

  • Junior (inducted into IJHS for the first time)
  • Senior (inducted into IJHS for the second time)
  • Lifetime (inducted into IJHS for the third time)

The IJHS Honour Roll will be released by 1 September of each year, and members will enjoy benefits from October 1 to September 30 the following year.

  • A photo of IJHS 2018 members taken outside Furen International School. One of IJHS's goals is to unlock the potential, talents, passions and interests of aspiring students.
  • A photo of IJHS 2019 members proudly displaying their scholarship certificates for the YALA 2019 camp. IJHS helps members qualify for scholarships and enter renowned universities or schools.