The Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) is a 5 days 4 nights* leadership and personal development workshop conducted by Scholastic Trust (Singapore) Limited (STS). YALA is an academic leadership motivational camp for Primary 4 to Junior College 2 (Grades 4 to 12) students specially designed to cater to top students in their pursuit to reach their highest academic goals, such as cracking the admission process to the top schools of the country. At the same time, it provides students with the opportunities to learn and apply leadership roles and to contribute to the society in meaningful ways.

* In view of the current situation, YALA 2020 will be a 2-day online camp.

Leaders Give, Givers Get! This is the ethos that YALA scholars and leaders live by; a simple philosophy adopted by leaders like Edward Deming, Buckminster Fuller, Marshall Thurber, and many others who have made the world a better place for all. Pay it forward by uplifting lives in your local and global communities, and create many great innovations for mankind. We will support you through this YALA camp!

What distinguishes SIMCC from other academic contest organizers is its holistic environment which nurtures students to quickly grow into their fullest potential through induction into the IJHS, and leadership scholarships. We have developed leadership camps so that after YALA scholars leave us, they can give back to their communities and grow a network of excellence, innovation, and progress.

Scholars List:

YALA 2019/20

Invitation Letter:

YALA Invited Guest 2020/21
YALA 2019/20
Gold Scholarship Invitation Letter
Silver Scholarship Invitation Letter

The YALA scholar will:


  • Develop into leaders and scholars who will get the best opportunities possible.
  • Develop teamwork and communication skills through team building activities.
  • Serve as leaders with a heart.
  • Adopt a Growth Mindset.


  • Learn to set their life and career goals.
  • Prepare both physical and online academic and leadership portfolios.
  • Handle interviews for scholarships and admission into top schools.

Social Good

  • Join an international team in a Hackathon to solve world problems.
  • Learn to provide leadership and give back to the community using IJHS and YALA as platforms.


  • Acquire a powerful network of like-minded leaders who adopt the philosophy of “Leaders Give, Givers Get”.

The IJHS scholars with highest combined medal scores from each country plus the number of contestants sent from each country will determine the number of YALA scholarships awarded to each country to attend the 5-day, 4-night leadership camp.

What our IJHS scholars, parents and teachers have to say about YALA:

“Though my school results were above average, I was clueless about how to tap my potential and to bring out the best in me… I owe my success to SIMCC, especially Mr Henry Ong, in helping me build an impressive portfolio. I was accepted into Hwa Chong Institution’s Mathematics Talent, under the Direct School Admission (DSA)… Not many competition organizers will organize such activities, and SIMCC is one of the few special organizations around.”

Ryan Soh, Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore, Secondary 1, YALA 2018 and YALA Leader 2019

“Since young, Ryan was always very fascinated with numbers; We knew we had to groom him in this area to nurture his strong passion in Mathematics.
Joining SIMCC was the best thing that had happened to him. SIMCC had fast tracked his capabilities in solving Math Olympiad questions. He had since won several awards and these achievements have kept him motivated.
SIMCC provided Ryan with many opportunities, not only in Math Olympiad, but also in Science competitions and Leadership training. It is such a joy to see him shine in these areas.
We are thankful to Henry and SIMCC for helping Ryan achieve his goals and be accepted into his dream school, under DSA Math Talent.”

Soh Lee Kwang and Jessica, Parents of Ryan Soh

“I have gotten many gold medals from competitions and a perfect score from SASMO. I was inducted into IJHS, and given a YALA scholarship… With the certificates, average neighbourhood students can also gain entrance to top schools.”

Wu JiaQi, from neighbourhood school to NUS High School, Singapore, Sec 1, YALA 2019

“YALA taught me to persevere in class and also have to be more respectful and more responsible… I encourage all of you reading this to participate in math competitions to persevere and also learn to follow your passion…”

James Pinsuvana, International Community School, Thailand, Grade 6, YALA 2019

“Before I joined SIMCC contests, I never won an award, even though I had outstanding grades. I joined SIMCC’s American Mathematics Olympiad in 5th Grade, practiced hard and won a Gold Award. Since that day, I became more interested in joining competitions, I worked hard and put my best effort in working through them. I have managed to win some awards and my school gave me a scholarship. I was also admitted into IJHS and won 2 YALA scholarships. Thank you SIMCC for the opportunities.”

Stella Ling Raharjo, Mawar Sharon Christian School, Surabaya, Indonesia, Grade 7, YALA 2018 and 2019

“SIMCC not only provided a platform to compete, it also introduced me to the International Junior Honor Society… Through all the fun activities, we learnt useful values like teamwork, as well as growth mindsets. The camp was highly beneficial and enjoyable at same time. Thank you SIMCC.”

Arnab Mishra, NPS International School, Singapore, Grade 5, YALA 2019

“We are from Indonesia’s YALA team saying thank you very much to Mr. Henry Ong, Ms. Pau Choo, Sophie, Brendan, Jackie, Michelle and volunteers for organizing YALA Camp.”

Indonesia YALA Team