IJHS's goal is to help its members get into top universities and win scholarships. Our Board of Advisors will interview members and write recommendation letters for them to apply for scholarships at top schools.
IJHS members will be groomed for leadership roles, allowing them to make useful contributions back to their communities.
How Can You Become A Member?
You can only be inducted to the IJHS after you earn two significant awards in competitions organized by SIMCC.
There are three levels of membership:
• JUNIOR: 1 year
• SENIOR: 2 years
• LIFETIME: Lifetime
Note: Membership of IJHS is free, making it the only honor society that does not charge membership fees.
Who can become a Member?
• All students from grades 2 and above.
• Teachers will also be invited to join as members to help mentor our students.
The IJHS Academic Year
Member induction will be from August 1 to July 31.
The IJHS Honor Roll will be released by September 1 of each year, and members will enjoy benefits from October 1 to September 30.