Scholarships and Grants

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Scholarships and Grants

We have scholarships from 2 major sources at this time for Gold Award winners of SIMCC international local competitions and IJHS members:

1. Furen International School – 40 scholarships = 2 scholarships per country that SIMCC competitions are running in for for foreign students to study Singapore-Cambridge O and A Levels.

In the last few years, Singapore has been very successful in producing highly-intelligent students who are well-trained for the future working world as reflected in how Singapore came top in the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) global education survey and first in Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) in 2016. Not only on academics, Singapore also focuses on having a well-rounded education and incorporating the necessary skills to prepare students for the future.

Singapore is a developed and modern city with sophisticated and impressive infrastructures, such as the Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands. Singapore also boasts its cultural diversity which is widely embraced and celebrated, creating a harmonious and peaceful society for everyone to live in. Furthermore, Singapore is also a food haven with a wide variety of food ready to tantalise their taste buds.

Furen International School, together with SST, is proud to announce that S$1,612,000 worth of scholarships will offered to talented and high-achieving students in all SIMCC partner countries, to realise their full potential by studying in Singapore.


Furen International School in Singapore has offered SST a total of $1,612,000 worth of scholarships to all SIMCC partner countries, except China. Each country will get a maximum of 2 scholarships. Each scholarship will cover the full tuition fees and full hostel fees. Fees not covered are medical insurance premium (S$420), external examination fees ($1,500), fee protection insurance ($200) and government tax (S$1,048) which sum up to around S$3,000. Each scholar only has to pay S$2,000 and FIS will absorb the rest. Scholars have to cover their own living expenses, such as food and clothing.


Applicants must:

  • Be 18 years old as year of taking the Singapore Cambridge A Level Examination
  • Present their Year 10 academic results on Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • Possess excellent exam results, outstanding co-curricular activities record and strong leadership qualities
  • Pass 1 round of selection tests in English, Physics and Chemistry

Interested students are required to submit a letter in English as to why they should receive the scholarship. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview by representatives from Furen International School and Singapore Scholastic Trust. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

*The requirements stated are subject to change and the criteria will be finalised by May


Scholarship recipients will be studying Singapore-General Certificate of Education A Level taking the following subjects:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • General Paper (English)
  • Economics

There is no bond in the Furen Singapore International Scholarship.


Registration period 1st May to 1st June (for July intake)
8th November to 8th December (for January intake)
Selection test Around 8th June (for July intake)
10th December (for January intake)
Interview and release of scholarship offers 10th to 12th June (for July intake)
12th to 14th Dec (for January intake)


  1. Scholars must consistently achieve excellent results in their academic years in Furen International School (defined by being in the top 20% of the cohort for each subject in   every school examination). Students may appeal for chances to the FIS Foundation Board of Governors if they fail to do so.
  2. Scholars must attend a Basic Chinese Language Course provided by FIS to further their networking ability
  3. Scholars must attend the IELTS Course provided by FIS to improve their chances into getting desired universities
  4. IST will be extremely grateful if the scholars would like to spare some time to promote this scholarship.

About Furen International School (FIS)

Furen International School (FIS) prepares students for tertiary studies by offering preparatory courses for milestone examinations such as the Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level (GCE A-Level), Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level (GCE O-Level), Cambridge International A-Levels Examination (CIE A-Level) and Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (IGCSE). FIS also provide courses for Lower Secondary pupils, IELTS for adults and is a Test Centre for SAT, AP, ACT, IELTS and Cambridge ATS.

Since their founding in 2000, FIS has grown by leaps and bounds, and to date has prepared over 3000 students for further studies. Today, they are known for providing quality education and helping their students to excel during examinations. Many of them go on to secure places in renowned universities such as Cambridge University, Oxford University, National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), McGill University, King’s College London, University of Toronto, Australian National University and many more.

FIS aims to become Asia’s most influential preparatory school for students seeking entry into renowned universities. Not only are FIS students taught by dedicated teachers, they also enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and a well-equipped campus that is ideal for the pursuit of academic excellence, while being just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Asia’s most modern and cosmopolitan city – Singapore. For more information, please visit

  1. East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)IST will release more information by end of April 2019 of Diploma and Bachelor degree scholarships for SIMCC Gold award winners and IJHS members.
  2. Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) scholarships

YALA is a leadership program developed by IST to build a network to support IJHS members.   We are also excited to present to you the one of a kind YALA for your child!  YALA is an academic motivational camp for primary 4 to Junior College 1 (Grades 4 to 11) students specially designed to cater to top students in their pursuit to reach their highest academic goals, such as cracking the admission process to the top schools of the country.

We know that preparing your child for the admission process can be hectic and stressful, which is why we decided to help you and YOUR child with this fun and innovative academic camp.  Here, we will provide the following support:

  • Talks on how to research and then select their ideal schools and they will be able to meet these top students and teachers from their ideal schools to network and learn more about special requirements or required skills for selection.
  • Training in interview skills for school admissions processes. Advice on preparing a strong portfolio for admissions.
  • Personal development training by top coaches for best habits of leaders.
  • Valuable mentoring on how to obtain good recommendation letters.
  • Technology training to improve our scholars’ productivity and competitiveness
  • Training YALA participants the value of networking and importance of teamwork
  1. Grants for Teachers – With the establishment of the IST Teachers’ Institute, we are now preparing our teacher training and certification programs that we can offer teachers a viable option for recognition training and Master’s degrees in Education. More details will be released by June 1, 2019.

These scholarships are funded from support given by donors, the main donor being SIMCC that funds 20% of contest fees collected to IST.

  • YALA scholarships will be awarded to the top 4 students per 2000 students enrolled the previous year from grades 4 to 11 who have won SIMCC/IST contests.
  • YALA scholarships will be awarded to the 1 teacher per 2000 students